Over the years, A Journey Into Islam has grown and evolved due to feedback we’ve received from our guests, exhibitors, and volunteers. We hope to continue producing a new and exciting event for those who attend year after year.

In 2014, we made the decision to introduce a theme to each event, which was reflected in the keynote address and exhibits. We began with with ‘Science in Islam,’ and last year we explored the theme of ‘Social Responsibility in Islam.’

A Journey Into Islam 2016 will feature a brand new theme, along with new additions to the exhibits, which will foster greater learning and interaction, a bit of surprise, and a whole lot of friendly competition!

The theme of this year’s event is ‘Diversity in Islam’. Muslims come from and reside in every corner of the world, and practice the religion in a variety of ways—yet most are guided by a set of universal, unifying beliefs. The exhibits at AJII 2016 will attempt to showcase the beauty of difference within our faith—including, but not limited to, the variety of cultural and ethnic expressions within the Muslim community and the different ways Muslims understand and practice their faith.

After much brainstorming and planning, we are also excited to present two new additions to A Journey Into Islam 2016!

  1. The ‘Journey Into Islam’ Passport: There’s nothing better than a little friendly competition to spark the spirit of curiosity and learning. This year, we’re introducing a scavenger hunt activity, where guests can collect stamps in a passport by answering questions or participation in activities at each of our exhibits. Participants who are able to fill their passports will be entered into a prize draw, and the winner will be announced near the end of the event. To all the competitive folks out there, bring your A-game!
  2. Special Presentations by Exhibitors: Our community is comprised of talented individuals, including many of our youth who are able express their faith in a variety of ways. This year, many of the exhibits will be hosting short presentations or video screenings at regular intervals throughout the evening. The presentations will include spoken-word poetry, live recitations of the Holy Quran by reciters from various parts of the world, and much more. The schedule for these special presentations will be included in our event guide, which each guest will receive upon arrival.

If you have attended the event before, we are working hard to ensure that you will have a unique and equally fascinating experience this year. If you have only learned about the event this year, we hope this post has piqued your curiosity. Don’t miss out—register today!