AJII 2019 Volunteer Sign-up

Salaam Alaykum,

Please fill out the form below to sign up as a volunteer for AJII!

Note that the minimum age for volunteers is 13 and we do expect that you’ll be available for the training and orientation session on January 13th, 2019 (in addition to event-day on the 26th, of course). Details below.

    Please select the areas you'd like to volunteer. *
    Please note that although we will do our best to accommodate your preferences, we may need your help in other areas based on the event's requirements.
    General VolunteerFood VolunteerUsherRegistration VolunteerIT Assistant
    Which of the following times are you available? *
    Even if you are available for only a portion of the days specified below, please DO select the block, and note your specific availability in the field provided below.
    January 13th (training + dry run): 2 PM - 6 PM (will start promptly after Madrasah ends)January 25th (set-up): 1 - 10 PM (will start promptly after Jum'a)January 26th (event day): 10 AM - 11 PM
    Do you have any restrictions on your availability? *
    eg. I am available only from 4 - 7 PM on January 25th. If you have no restrictions for the days you have specified above (i.e. you are available for the entirety of the period indicated), please write 'None'.
    Do you have any allergies/dietary restrictions/medical conditions?
    Do you have any other questions, concerns, or requirements?