Take A Journey Into Islam this January

On Saturday, January 28, 2017, the Az-Zahraa Islamic Centre will once again be holding its doors open for the sixth annual, youth-organized ‘A Journey Into Islam’ event, which has over 300 guests in attendance each year. The evening will begin with a demonstration of prayer, followed by a delicious dinner with short talks by guest speakers, including Azhar Nasser and Laya Behbahani, a Business & Policy Analyst – Police Studies Centre at Simon Fraser University’s School of Criminology. Past guest speakers have included Darrell McLean, Amyn Sajoo, Itrath Syed, Joe Peschoscholido, MP, and with members from the Royal Canadian Mounted Police and Richmond School Board in attendance.


Visitors will then have a chance to view a range of exhibits about Islamic principles, receive tours of the Centre, and have an opportunity to engage with followers of the faith.

The intention of the event is to provide an opportunity for guests to become familiar with Islam and the Muslim community, and to clear misconceptions about important aspects of the religion – including Jihad, the Qur’an, and Hijab. There will also be exhibits on Islamic dietary restrictions, the Pilgrimage to Mecca, an Islamic Art Museum showcasing a range of artistic objects, calligraphy, etc., and much more.

Today, racial profiling, discrimination in many forms, and stereotyping are constantly on the rise. In an effort to tackle these issues, this year’s theme is inclusivity. Within Muslim communities, dating back to the time of the Prophet Muhammad, inclusivity has been a core tenant of the religion. For example, the very first individual to announce the call to prayer was a freed African slave named Bilal. This highlights the Muslim community’s value of inclusiveness, which continues today, and shows how communities come together regardless of race, ethnicity, nationality, gender, ability, and socio-economic status.

Join us for an evening sure to be full of learning, meaningful conversations, and ethnic eats. To reserve your FREE ticket, please register via Eventbrite (required). We look forward to seeing you later this month!